Corrections du Patch 6.0.3 – Novembre 21


Corrections du Patch 6.0.3 – Novembre 21 (Anglais)

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November 21

Garrisons, Followers, and Outposts

  • Characters are now guaranteed to have level 90-94 Garrison Missions available if they have Followers in the level 90-94 range and level 95-99 Garrison Missions available if they have Followers in the level 95-99 range.
  • Work Orders should now also work with materials and reagents that are in the character’s bank and reagent bank.
  • Temporarily disabled Ashran as a daily quest choice while we continue to troubleshoot issues with some of the daily quests being offered.
  • Followers
    • Leeroy Jenkins: Resolved an issue where characters that were dead or in Spirit of Redemption form when completing the achievement Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy…? may sometimes not receive Leeroy Jenkins as a follower.


  • Shadowmoon Valley
    • Assault on Darktide Roost: Increased the respawn rates of creatures and NPCs needed for the quest.
  • Gorgrond
    • Assault on the Pit: Blackrock Foundry Assaulted credit is no longer being awarded when using the Iron Troop Launcher.
    • Shredder vs. Saberon: Resolved an issue where characters that leave the quest area immediately after receiving credit may be unable to turn-in the quest.
  • Spires of Arak
    • Assault on Skettis: The debuff Infected Talons placed by various creatures in the area for this quest no longer stacks.
    • Bonus Objective: The Howling Crag: Defeating the ritualists Vile Siphonmaster, Crazed Obliterator, and Insane Nullifier now contributes credit towards completing the Pale Orcs Slain objective.
  • Legendary Ring Quest Line
    • Tarnished Bronze: Spirit of Kairozdormu’s Time Bomb ability should no longer be hitting players that aren’t in combat with him in a different phase.

World Environment

  • [Requires a realm restart.] Portals leading to the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands have been added next to Archmage Khadgar in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • Removed an erroneous treasure marker displayed by using the Spires of Arak Treasure Map for a Reagent Pouch that did not actually exist.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Increased the spawn rates for creatures and NPCs across a number of questing areas for level 100 daily quests.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of creatures and NPCs laying siege in the areas around Shattrath City.
  • Gruuk has moved to a new location where they can be seen by both Horde and Alliance players.
  • High Warlord Volrath and Grand Marshal Tremblade now only award 50 Honor for defeating them (down from 500).
  • Nagrand Prowler ‘s Leap for the Kill ability now has a shorter stun duration and smaller damage radius.
  • Nok-Karosh’s drop, Garn Nighthowl now only allows players in a party or Raid to roll greed.

Dungeons, Raids, and Scenarios

  • Molten Core
    • Players should no longer be incorrectly placed into a Molten Core where Ragnaros has already been defeated.
    • Shazzrah’s area of effect damage has been reduced.
    • Firelord now uses the Lava Spawn ability less frequently.
    • Core Hound, Molten Destroyer, and Molten Giant’s area-of-effect attacks now deals 50% less damage.
    • Core Hound, Molten Destroyer, Molten Giant, Lava Annihilator, and Lava Surger now have 30% less health.
    • In a departure from the original Molten Core, reduced aggro radius for most non-boss creatures from their original aggro radius from back in the day.
  • Dungeons
    • Reverted the change to the default loot mode for random matchmade groups in Dungeon Finder back to Personal loot.
      • In Personal loot, each player in the group will now always receive an item from the final dungeon boss.
      • In Need Before Greed, the dungeon boss will now drop 3 items to be shared among the group as desired, up from 2 previously.
      • Full premade groups queuing in Dungeon Finder now defaults to Need Before Greed and they can change the loot mode if they want.
    • Call to Arms for in-demand roles have been reeanabled for Dungeon Finder. Completing the dungeon awards a Satchel of Savage Mysteries with a chance to contain new treasures and it will always contain an Augment Rune, a tradeable item that provides a consumable buff that is ordinarily only available through Raid Finder.
    • An award of 50 Garrison Resources has been added for completing the first Random Warlords of Draenor Heroic Dungeon of the day.
    • Grimrail Depot
      • Railmaster Rocketspark’s X21-01A Missile Barrage now deals 20% less damage.
    • Skyreach
      • Araknath: Rogues using Vanish should no longer cause Araknath to become non-interactive.
      • High Sage Viryx’s Cast Down ability should no longer cause Druids to drop out of their shapeshifted form.
      • Solar Flares are now able to correctly Fixate on a target even while stunned.
    • The Everbloom
      • Putrid Pyromancer should no longer continue to track the player when using their Dragon’s Breath ability.
    • Upper Blackrock Spire
      • Kyrak’s Debilitating Fixation ability can now target players up to 50 yards away (up from 30 yards).
      • Ragewing the Untamed’s indicator for Fire Storm should now correctly display the ability’s area of effect.
      • Black Iron Leadbelcher should no longer incorrectly activate a Sentry Cannon while polymorphed or hexed.

Battlegrounds and Arenas

  • Tarren Mill vs Southshore
    • Victory conditions are now for the first side to reach 300 points or the match results in a tie after 30 minutes.
    • Tarren Mill Deathguards and Alliance Guards now have more health.


  • Archeology
    • Moved some Archeology nodes in the area around Icewind Drifts in Frostfire Ridge to no longer be in inaccessible locations.


  • Epic quality Bind on Equip world drops are no longer eligible for a Need roll.
  • Many Warlords of Draenor trinkets received an adjustment to their stats to provide a bonus that’s more appropriate for the trinket’s item level.
  • Turbulent Cloak contained in Satchel of Helpful Goods should no longer result in creating an invalid item for Guardian Druids.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that could cause characters to become stuck on a flight path.


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