Correctifs du 8 Juillet

Comme chaque matin, une série de correctifs a eu lieu sur les serveurs officiels.

Aujourd’hui, c’est des correctifs de raid qui sont à l’honneur, mais c’est surtout du coté JcJ que le plus intéressant a lieu avec une jolie augmentation des statistiques bijoux.

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8 Juillet

Raids and Dungeons

Hellfire Citadel

Tyrant Velhari

  • Fixed a timing issue that could cause Tyrant Velhari to use the incorrect finishing move just as a transition into the next stage happened.


  • Adjusted scaling to reduce the amount of health by roughly 10% on Xhul’horac, Omnus, Unstable Voidfiend, and Vanguard Akkelion for a 10-player raid on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Health should remain the same as before for raids with 30 players.


  • Mannoroth no longer transforms back into a skeleton after being defeated.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Gazing Shadows to sometimes not reduce movement speed.


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8 Juillet



  • Fixed a number of issues affecting Ashran events that could cause characters to drop out of stealth effects.


  • Increased stat bonuses for critical strike, Versatility, Stamina, and Spirit on all Wild Gladiator (Warlords Season 2) trinkets by 50%.


  • Clicking “Join Raid” in the Adventure Guide should now open the Premade Groups menu instead of Raid Finder.


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8 Juillet



Armor Sets

  • Yesterday’s hotfix on July 7 for Tier-18 4-piece set bonus for Mistweaver Monks should now be healing for the correct amount.



  • Yesterday’s hotfix on July 7 that reduced the healing of Execution Sentence by 25% in PvP combat now only applies to Holy Paladins. It has been returned to its previous effectiveness for Retribution and Protection Paladins.


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8 Juillet

Creatures and NPCs

Tanaan Jungle

  • Captain Ironbeard now has a guaranteed chance to drop Equipment Blueprint: Ghostly Spyglass.
  • Varyx the Damned now returns to his spawn location instead of despawning if he drops out of combat. Additionally, only 1 beam needs to be blocked to restart the encounter.


Garrison Quests

  • [Requires a realm restart] Fixed an issue where completing daily assault objectives in Tanaan Jungle was incorrectly also granting completion credit for daily assault objectives in the Garrison.

Spires of Arak

  • Call of the Raven Mother: Fixed an issue where interacting with items during the ritual was causing player pets to use their abilities.




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